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1. Who devised the binomial nomenclature?
Ans: Carolus Linnaeus
Class 11 biology
2. What does the abbreviation ICBN stands for?
Ans: International Code of Botanical Nomenclature
3. Why the scientific names are derived from latin ?
Ans:Latin is a dead language, therefore there is little likelihood of changes in meaning and spelling of names with time.
4. Who is regarded as the father of taxonomy?
Ans: Carolus Linnaeus
5. Who is regarded as Father of Endocrinology?
Ans: Addison
6.  What is meant by cytotaxonomy?
Ans: Classification based on chromosome number
7. Define life
Ans: Life is a unique and complex organisation of molecules expressing itself through chemical reactions which lead to growth, development, responsiveness, adaptation and reproduction.

8.  Define taxon
Ans: A group of similar genetically related individuals.
9. What is meant by identification of a species?
Ans:Identification is aimed at finding the correct name and the proper position of a species in the established scheme of classification.
10. What is molecular homology? Give one example
Ans: Similarity among the organisms at molecular level.
Example: Similar base sequences in DNA and amino acid sequences in proteins
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