Class 11 Biology - Short Answer Questions on Transport in Plants

1. Give common measurement unit of water potential ?
 Ans: Pascal (Pa) and is represented by Greek letter Psi

2. Which theory of water translocation was given by Henry Dixon in 1914?
 Ans: Cohesion theory

3. Which fraction of soil water is available to plants for absorption by roots ?
 Ans: Capillary water

4. What will  happen if a plant  cell is kept in a solution in hypertonic solution for some time?
Ans: Endosmosis

5. What are antitranspirants ?
Ans: A substance applied to the plant for reducing transpiration is called  antitranspirants.

6. Name the pores through which guttation occurs
Ans: Hydathodes

7. When a plant cell kept in a solution is plamolysed; what is nature of solution?
Ans: Hypertonic solution

8. Name any two factors which affect the opening and closing of stomata.
Ans: Light intensity and concentration of carbon dioxide

9. Give a suitable terminology : A natural opening other than stomata on the surface of plant through which gaseous exchange may take place.
Ans: Lenticel

10. Name the plant process carried by hydathodes
Ans: Guttation

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