Class 11 Biology - Short Answer Questions - Biological Classification

1.  What is bacteriocin?
Ans:  Bacteriocin is a proteinaceous  substance produced by bacteria and kills other bacteria.

2. Give an example of Photosynthetic bacteria
Ans: Chlorobium

3. Name the bacteria causing leprosy
 Ans: Mycobacterium leprae

4. Name two fungi producing toxin and two fungi producing antibiotic and name their products fungi
Fungi producing toxins are:
  • Amanita phalloids sectrete amanitin phalloidin 
  • Aspergillus flavus produces aflatoxin
Fungi producing antibiotics are:
  • Penicillium notatum produces penicillin.
  •  Streptomyces gresius produces streptomycin
5.  Name a virus, the nucleic acid of which is a single stranded RNA
 Ans: Poliovirus, Influeza virus, HIV, TMV

6. Name three diseases produced by virus in plants?
Ans: Mosaic diseases, Necrosis, Curling in plants

7. Name the different processes of sexual reproduction in bacteria?
 Ans: Conjugation, Transformation, Transduction

8. Name two components of bacterial cell wall which are not  present in the cell wall of higher plant.
Ans: Mucopeptide and peptidoglycan

9. Who first reported conjugation in bacteria?
 Ans: J. Lederberg and E.Tatum first demonstrated conjugation in E.coli (1946)

10. What is Coccus?
Ans: The very minute and spherical bacterium is known as coccus
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