Biology Multiple Choice Questions on Environmental Issues

1.  Man made sources of radiation pollution are:
a) mining
b) explosion of nuclear weapons
c) nuclear fuels and preparation of radioactive isotopes
d) all of these
2.  The cutting down of trees and setting them on fire and raising crops on the resulting ash is called:
a) Pyrolysis
b) Jhum
c) Taungya system
d) Shift cultivation

 3. Percentage of forest area recommended by the the national forest policy for plains is
a) 33%
b) 67%
c) 30%
d) 10%
4. Example of primary pollutant
a) SO2
b) NO2
c) CO
5.Commonly used radioactive isotopes in scientific research
a) 14 C
b) 125 I
c) 32 P
d) all of these

6. Drinking of fluoride containing water results :
a) fluorosis
b) chlorosis
c) minemata
d)  methaemoglobinema
7. Chipco movement is a public agitation that occurred in
a) Mansbal area in Kashmir
b) Silent valley in Kerala
c) Sundarban area in Bengal
d) Tehri Garhwal area of Uttar Pradesh

8. High biological oxygen demand indicates:
a) absence of microbial pollution
b) moderate microbial pollution
c) intense level of microbial pollution
d) all of these
9. Ozonospere seen in
a)  ionosphere
b) thermosphere
c) mesophere
d) stratosphere
10. Harmful trace metals in fly ash:
a) antimony
b) cadmium
c)  arsenic
d) all of the above
Learn more:
1. d) all of these
2. b) Jhum
3. a) 33%
4. d)hydrocarbons
5. d) all of these
6. a) fluorosis
7. d) Tehri Garhwal area of Uttar Pradesh
8. c) intense level of microbial pollution
9. d) stratosphere
10. all of the above
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