Biology Questions for Medical Entrance Exam

1. Which form of RNA has a structure resembling clover leaf? a) rRNA
b) hnRNA
c) mRNA
d) tRNA
2. Flagella of prokaryotes and eukaryotes differ in
a) type of movement and placement in cell
b) Locomotion in cell and mode of functioning
c) Microtubular organisation and function
d) Microtubular organisation and type of movement
3. In the somatic cell cycle
Cell cycle
a) G2 phase follows mitotic phase
b) A short interphase is followed by a long mitotic phase
c) DNA replication takes place in S phase
d) In G1 phase DNA content is double the amount of DNA present in the original cell
4.Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched
a) Vitamin B1 Beriberi
b) Vitamin B2- Pellagra
c) Vitamin B6- Loss of appetite
d) Vitamin B12- Pernicious Anemia
5. In glycolysis, during oxidation electrons are removed by
a) ATP
b) NAD+
c) Glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate
d) Molecular Oxygen
6. Mast cells of connective tissue contain
a) Heparin and histamine
b) Heparin and calcitonin
c) Serotonin and melanin
d) Vassopressin and relaxin
7. Cancer cells are  more easily damaged by radiation than normal cells because they are
a) undergoing rapid division
b) nondividing
c) different in structure
d) starved of mutation

8.A normal woman , whose father was colourblind is married to a normal man. The sons would be
a) 75% colourblind
b) 50% colourblind
c) All normal
d) All colourblind
9. Dough kept overnight in warm weather become soft and spongy because of
a) Absorption of carbon dioxide from atmosphere
b) Osmosis
c) fermentation
d) cohension
10. Lack of independent assortment of two genes A and B in fruit fly  Drosophilia is due to 
a) Repulsion
b) Recombination
c) Linkage
d) Crossing over
Learn more:
1. d) tRNA
2. d) Microtubular organisation and type of movement
3. c) DNA replication takes place in S phase
4. c) Vitamin B6- Loss of appetite
5. b) NAD+
6. a) Heparin and histamine
7. a) undergoing rapid division
8. b) 50% colourblind
9. c) fermentation
10. c) Linkage
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