Biology Multiple Choice Questions on Ecosystem

1. Example for a natural ecosystem
a) Agricultural crop
b) Forest
c) Prairies
d) Both b and c
2. The food relation from grass—> deer—>tiger-->decomposer is called
a) Food web
b) Food chain
c) trophic level
d) Energy flow
3. Each step of food chain represents:
a) Food web
b) Sere
c) trophic level
d) Consumers
4. The energy transferred to the next higher level:
a) Increases
b) Decreases
c) Remains the same
d) None
5. The first order consumers are called:
pyramid of numbers in grass land
a) Autotrophs
b) Producers
c) Chemotrophs
d) Herbivores
6. The study of the relation between agricultural crops and environment is called
a) Agriculture
b) Agronomy
c) Agroecology
d) Agroforestry
7. The pyramid of energy in a food chain is:
a) Inverted
b) Remains unchanged
c) Vertical
d) Variable

8. The rate of storage of organic matter in producers in excess of their metabolic consumption is:
a) Biomass
b) Community productivity
c) Gross primary productivity
d) net primary productivity
9. In biogeochemical cycles, mineral cycles are:
a) Gaseous cycle
b) hydrocycle
c) Carbon cycle
d) Sedimentary cycle
10. More than half of the earths flora and fauna are found in
a) Tundra
b) Tropical rain forests
c) Grasslands
d) Chapparal
Learn more:
1. d) Both b and c
2. b) Food chain
3. c) trophic level
4. b) Decreases
5. d) Herbivores
6. c) Agroecology
7. c) Vertical
8. d) net primary productivity
9. d) Sedimentary cycle
10. b) Tropical rain forests
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