Class 12 Biology - MCQ on Evolution

1. The first cells like structures evolved in
a) Ocean
b) Air
c) Land
d) Desert
2.The approximate time when life originated dates back to
a) 200-300 million years
b) 3000-4000 million years
c) 4000-5000 million years
d) 500-1000 million years
3. The first anaerobic photoautotrophs originated--- million years ago
a) 1000-2000
b) 3300-3500
c) 3600-4200
d) 4000-4200
4. Eukaryotes with a nucleus evolved ---million years ago
a) 2200
b) 3800
c) 4500
d) 1600
5. Solar system originated from Solar Nebula--- billion years ago
a) 1.6
b) 3.6
c) 4.6
d) 5.7
6. Life originated about 3.6 billion years ago in the
geological time scale
a) Precambrian era
b) Cambrian era
c) Silurian era
d) Mesozoic era
7. In primitive earth, energy was formed from
a) Lightning
b) Volcanic eruption
c) UV light
d) All of these

8. Protenoid microspheres could produce an isolating membrane if---- is added to the aqueous solution:
a) Lipids
b) Nucleic acid
c) Proteins
d) Polysaccharides
9. Which of the following gases provided the carbon skeleton of living things during the origin of life?
a) Water vapour
b) Methane
c) Nitrogen
d) Ammonia
10. Angiosperms (Flowering plants) originated in
a) Devonian period
b) Jurassic period
c) Cretaceous period
d) Triassic
Learn more:
1. a) Ocean 
2.  b)3000-4000 million years
3. b)3300-3500
4. d) 1600
5.  c) 4.6
6.  a) Precambrian era
7.  d) All of these
8. a) Lipids 
9.  b) Methane
10.  c) Cretaceous period

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