Multiple Choice Questions On Strategies for Enhancement in food production

1. An organism that expresses a transgene is called
a) Clone organism
b) Mutated organism
c) somaclonal organism
d) Transgenic organism
2. Haploids of Datura are produced by
a) Tissue culture
b) Anther culture
c) Subculture
d) Meristem culture
3. Somatic hybrids used in
a) Transfer of cytoplasm
b) Gene transfer
c) Production of useful allopolypoids
d) all of these
4. Recombinant proteins are proteins produced by
a) Transgenes
b) Dominant genes
c) Mutated genes
d) Recessive genes
5. A crop that contains and expresses a transgene is called
a) GM crops
b) Transgenic crop
c) Genetically modified crop
d) both b and c
6. The way in which biotechnology can contribute to sustainable agriculture is
a) biofertilizer
b) Single Cell Protein (SCP)
c) Disease and insect resistant varieties
d) All of the above
7. Production of which enzyme was blocked in Flavr Savr tomato
ripened tomato
a) Ligase
b) Invertase
c) Peptidase
d) polygalacto uronase

8. Fusion between protoplasts of the selected parents is induced by
a) Polyethyl glycol
b) Electric current
c) mutagene
d) both a and b
9. Microorganism used as biopesticides is
a) Fungi
b) Protozoa
c) Bacteria
d) All of these
10. A patent is granted for
a) An invention
b) The process of generating a product
c) An improvement in an earlier invention
d) All of these
Learn more:
1. d) Transgenic organism
2. b) Anther culture
3. d) all of these
4. a) Transgenes
5. d) both b and c
6. d) All of the above
7. d) polygalacto uronase
8. d) both a and b
9.  d) All of these
10. d) All of these


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