MCQ on Molecular Basis of Inheritance

1. Who discovered the process transformation?
a) Colin
b) Maurice
c) Hershey
d) Frederich Griffith
2. In Blender experiment, it we use radioactive sulphur, radio activity is seen in
a) in the pellet
b) in the protein part
c) in the DNA
d) None of these
3. The distance between two adjacent nucleotide base pairs is
a) 2 nm
b) 3.4 A0
c) 20 A0
d) 3.4nm
4. Which one belongs to DNA?
5. Semi conservative DNA replication was first demonstrated by
a) Taylor
b) Meselson
c) Stahl
d) Avery
6. Chargaff’s rule were formulated in
a) 1904
b) 1944
c) 1954
d) 1949
7. The enzyme which can initiate the synthesis of DNA
a) primase
b) helicase
c) ligase
d) DNA polymerase

8. Individuals affected with alkaptonuria can be detected by the colour of urine. This is because of
a) Oxidation of tyrosine
b) Oxidation of phenyl alanine
c) Oxidation of homogenetisic acid
d) Reduction of homogenetisic acid
9. Possible number of triplets as genetic code:
genetic code
a) 4
b) 16
c) 24
d) 64
10. The enzyme used in reverse transcription is
a) Primase
b) Reverse transcriptase
c) RNA dependent DNA polymerase
d) DNA dependent RNA polymerase
Learn more:
1. d) Frederich Griffith
2. b) in the protein part
3. b) 3.4 A0
4. b) ACTG
5. a) Taylor
6. d) 1949
7. a) primase
8. c) Oxidation of homogenetisic acid
9. d) 64
10. c) RNA dependent DNA polymerase

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