BCECE Previous Year Biology Questions and Answers

1. The site of glycolysis is
a) ribosomes
b) nucleus
c) mitochondria
d) cytoplasm

2. In respiration, the released energy forms
a) AMP
b) ADP
c) ATP

3. The number of bases found in RNA are
a) 4
b) 3
c) 2
d) 1

4. The pseudouridine loop is present in
a) DNA
b) mRNA
c) tRNA
d) rRNA

5. This is a structural polysaccharide
a) Starch
b) chitin
c) Amylase
d) Glycogen

6. 70S ribosomes have two units. These are

a) 50S +30S
b) 40S+30S
c) 50S+20S
d) 40s+60s

7. The outer face of the outer membrane of Gram negative bacteria contains
a) teichoic acid
b) peptidoglycans
c) mycoic acid
d) lipopolysaccharides

8. These impart rigidity of plasma membrane
b) proteins
c) sterols
d) carbohydrates

9. Which one of the following has least similar characters?
a) family
b) class
c) genus
d) species

10. Blue green algae belong to this kingdom
a) bacteria
b) euglena
c) mycoplasma
d) monera

1. d) cytoplasm
2. c) ATP
3. a) 4
4. c) tRNA
5. b) chitin
6. a) 50S +30S
7. d) lipopolysaccharides
8. c) sterols
9. d) species
10. d) monera

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