MCQ on Plant Kingdom - Diversity in Living World

1. The sporophytic generation is represented by zygote only, in
a) Funaria
b) Selaginella
c) Pinus
d) Chlamydomonas

2. Pinus is a gymnosperm as it has
a) vascular tissue
b) naked ovules
c) vessels
d) All of these

3. There is no alternation of generation in E.coli of absence of
a) nucleus
b) chromosome
c) syngamy
d) reduction division

4. Apophysis is a part of
a) spore of the moss
b) lower part of the moss
c) lower part of the moss capsule
d) anther of the moss

5. Shape of microspores in Selaginella is
a) oval
b) boat shaped
c) tertrahedral
d)none of these

6. A clear alternation of generation is seen in
a) Bryophytes
b) Pteridophytes
c) Gymnosperms
d) Fungi

7. In Funaria the spores are dispersed by the rupture of
a) Operculum
b) Annulus
c) Peristome
d) Trabeculae

8. Asexual reproduction in Spirogyra
a) has not been recorded
b) takes place by zoospore formation
c) takes place by aplanospore formation
d) takes  place by hypnospore formation

9. The commonest method of reproduction in case of blue green algae, is by means of
a) gametes
b) separation
c) heterocycts
d) akinetes

10. Under exceptional circumstances the cell forming aplanospores forms mucilage mass enclosing and protecting numerous small uninucleated bodies. The stage is known a

a) Flagellate stage
b) Resting stage
c) Palmella stage
d) Gongrosira stage

1. d) Chlamydomonas
2. b) naked ovules
3. d) reduction division
4. c) lower part of the moss capsule
5. c) tertrahedral
6. b) Pteridophytes
7. b) Annulus
8. c) takes place by aplanospore formation
9. d)akinetes
10.c) Palmella stage

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