MCQ on Diversity of Life: The Living World

1. Biodiversity :
a) refers to the number and types of organisms present on earth.
b)Is the degree of variation of life forms within a given ecosystem, biome and entire planet.
c) is the measure of heath of an ecosystem
d)all of these
 Ans: d)all of these
2. The number of species that are known (in millions)
a)0.1 -0.4
c) 0.7- 0.8
d) 2.8-3.8
 ans: b)1.7-1.8
3. The important properties present in living organism are
a) growth and reproduction
b)metabolism and consciousness
c)response to stimuli
d)all are correct
 d)all are correct
4.  Twin characteristics of growth are
a)increase in mass and length
b) increase in are a only
c) increase in length and area
d)increase in mass and increase in number of individuals
ans: d)increase in mass and increase in number of individuals

5. Technically , the most complicated feature of a living organism is
a) growth
b) consciousness
c) response to stimulus
 ans: b) consciousness
6. Majority of the terrestrial species diversity is confined in the
a) tropical deserts
b)tropical rain forests
c)water reef
 ans: b)tropical rain forests
7. Animal diversity is approximately --- times greater than plant diversity.
MCQ on Diversity of Life: The Living World
8. How many statements are correct

 i)like plants , animals show growth throughout their life span.
ii)virus undergo cell division
iii)in higher plants and animals growth and reproduction are mutually exclusive events
iv) growth in living organism is intrinsic/ ptotoplasmic and not extrinsic
v)growth and reproduction are mutually inclusive events in single cell organisms
How many statements are correct
 ans: c)3
9. Metabolism:
a) is not exhibited by bacteria and fungi
b) cannot be demonstrated invitro
c)is the property of only multi cellular forms
d) is a defining feature of life forms
 ans: d) is a defining feature of life forms
10. Which of the following is the exclusive defining feature of living organisms?
a) growth and reproduction
b) growth and consciousness
c)metabolism and consciousness
d)none of these
ans: c)metabolism and consciousness

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