Multiple Choice Questions on Fungi and Lichens

1. Fungal cell wall is composed of
a) chitin
b) chitin and cellulose
c) hemicellulose
d) only cellulose

2. Oomycetes is the alternate name of
d)only cellulose

3. One of the common fungal disease of man is
a) cholera
b) plague
c) typhoid
d) ringworm

4. Sac fungi are
a) Ascomycetes
c) Phycomycetes
d) Zygomycetes


5. The edible fungi are
b) mushrooms
c) moulds

6. Yeast is abundantly found in
a)horse dung
b)organic substance rich in sugar
c)organic substance rich in fats
d)moist bread

7. Graphis
a)foliose lichen
b)crustose lichen
c)filamentous lichen
d)Fruticose lichen

8. Major group of algae involved in lichen formation is
a) red algae
b) brown algae
c) blue  green algae
d) all of these

9. Basidiospores are produced by Basidiospores are
a) mycelium
b) conidia
c) basidia
d) hyphae

10. Mycorrhiza is an example of       
a) symbiotic relationship
b) ectoparasitism
c) endoparasitism
d) decomposers

1. a) chitin
2. b)Phycomycetes
3. d) ringworm
4. a) Ascomycetes
5. b) mushrooms
6. b)organic substance rich in sugar
7. b)crustose lichen
8. c) blue  green alage
9. a) mycelium
10. a) symbiotic relationship
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