MCQ on Biotechnology and its Applications

1. Two microbes found to be very useful in genetic engineering are

(1) Escherichia coli and Agrobacterium tumefaciens

(2) Vibrio cholerae and a tailed bacteriophage

(3) Diplococcus sp. and Pseudomonas sp.

(4) Crown gall bacterium and Caenorhabditis elegans


2. A genetically engineered micro-organism used successfully in bioremediation of oil spills is a species of:-

(1) Pseudomonas (2) Trichoderma (3) Xanthomonas (4) Bacillus


3. Restriction endonuclease :

(1) Cuts the DNA molecule randomly

(2) Cuts the DNA molecule at specific sites

(3) Restricts the synthesis of DNA inside the nucleus

(4) Synthesizes DNA

Class 12 NEET Biology MCQ -MCQ on Biotechnology and its Applications PYQ

4. Human insulin is being commercially produced from a transgenic species of:-

(1) Mycobacterium (2) Rhizobium (3) Saccharomyces (4) Escherichia


5. The main objective of production/use of herbicide-resistant GM crops is to:-

(1) Eliminate weeds from the field without the use of herbicides

(2) Encourage eco-friendly herbicides

(3) Reduce herbicide accumulation in food articles for health safety

(4) Eliminate weeds from the field without the use of manual labour


6. Which one of the following is commonly used in the transfer of foreign DNA into crop plants?

(1) Penicillium expansum

(2) Trichoderma harzianum

(3) Meloidogyme incognita

(4) Agrobacterium tumefaciens


7. Polyethylene glycol method is used for:-

(1) Energy production from sewage

(2) Gene transfer without a vector

(3) Biodiesel production

(4) Seedless fruit production


8. The bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis is widely used in contemporary biology as:-

(1) Source of industrial enzyme

(2) Indicator of water pollution

(3) Insecticide

(4) Agent for production of dairy products


9. The genetic defect - adenosine deaminase (ADA) deficiency may be cured permanently by:-

(1) Enzyme replacement therapy

(2) Periodic infusion of genetically engineered lymphocytes having functional ADA cDNA

(3) Administering adenosine deaminase activators

(4) Introducing bone marrow cells producing ADA into cells at early embryonic stages


10. Which one of the following is used as a vector for cloning genes into higher organisms?

(1) Rhizopus nigricans

(2) Retrovirus

(3) Baculovirus

(4) Salmonella typhimurium


11. Restriction endonucleases are enzymes which :

(1) restrict the action of the enzyme DNA polymerase

(2) remove nucleotides from the ends of the DNA molecule

(3) make cuts at specific positions within the DNA molecule

(4) recognize a specific nucleotide sequence for binding of DNA ligase


12. Which one of the following palindromic base sequences in DNA can be easily cut at about the middle by some particular restriction enzyme?

(1) 5'_______GAATTC _________3'

     3'_______ CTTAAG _________5'

(2) 5'_______CACGTA _________3'

     3'_______ CTCAGT_________5'

(3) 5'_______CGTTCG_________3'

     3'_______ ATGGTA_________5'

(4) 5'_______GATATG_________3'

     3'_______ CTACTA_________5'


13. DNA or RNA segment tagged with a radioactive molecule is called :

(1) Clone (2) Plasmid (3) Vector (4) Probe


14. Genetic engineering has been successfully used for producing :

(1) transgenic Cow-Roise which produces high-fat milk for making ghee

(2) animals like bulls for farm work as they have superpower

(3) transgenic mice for testing the safety of polio vaccine before use in humans

(4) transgenic models for studying new treatments for certain cardiac diseases


15. Given below is a sample of a portion of DNA strand giving the base sequence on the opposite strands. What is so special shown in it ?



(1) Replication completed

(2) Deletion  mutation

(3) Start codon at the 5' end

(4) Palindromic sequence of base pairs


16. There is a restriction endonuclease called EcoRI. What does the "co" part in it stand for?

(1) Colon (2) Coelom (3) Coenzyme (4) Coli


17. Agarose extracted from seaweeds finds use in:-

(1) Spectrophotometry (2) Tissue Culture (3) PCR (4) Gel electrophoresis


18. The process of RNA interference has been used in the development of plants resistant to:-

(1) Nematodes (2) Fungi (3) Viruses (4) Insects


19.  Which one is a true statement regarding DNA polymerase used in PCR?

(1) It is isolated from a virus

(2) It remains active at high temperature

(3) It is used to ligate introduced DNA in recipient cells

(4) It serves as a selectable marker


20. Read the following four statements (A-D) about certain mistakes in two of them.

(A The first transgenic buffalo, Rosie produced milk which was human alpha-lactalbumin enriched.

(B) Restriction enzymes are used in the isolation of DNA from other macro-molecules.

(C) Downstream processing is one of the steps of R-DNA technology.

(D) Disarmed pathogen vectors are also used in transfer of R-DNA into the host.

Which are the two statements having mistakes macromolecules?

(1) Statements (A) and (B)

(2) Statements (B) and (C)

(3) Statements (C) and (D)

(4) Statements (A) and (C)






















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