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1. In Cephalochordata, what is the function of the myomeres?

A) To aid in respiration B) To facilitate locomotion

C) To filter feed D) To assist in reproduction

2. In bioinformatics BLAST search is used to:

A) Search for homologous sequences in a data base.

B) Analyze RNA structure

C) Determine protein function

D) Identify mutations in DNA

3. In which of the following snake third supra labial shield touches eye and nasal shield?

A) Naja naja B) Vipera russelli

C) Bangaurs coeruleus D) Ptyas mucosus

4. Baleen plates are found in:

A) Blue whale B) Dolphins

C) Whale sharks D) Cephalopods

5. DNA replication occurs in ---- phase.

A) G1 B) G2 C) Synthetic D) Mitotic

6. Fluid mosaic model of plasma membrane was proposed by:

A) S. J. Singer and G. I. Nicolson

B) Robert Brown

C) Camillo Golgi

D) George Emil Palade

7. Which of the following glands is not considered a male accessory gland?

A) Prostate gland B) Seminal vesicle

C) Bulbourethral gland D) Bartholin gland

8. Highest concentration of urea is found in:

A) Renal artery B) Renal vein

C) Hepatic artery D) Hepatic vein

9. Depending upon the size and position of centromere, the 46 human chromosomes

has been divided into ---groups.

A) 6 B) 7 C) 10 D) 5

10. Who among the following is known as the father of genetic engineering?

A) Paul Berg B) Hamilton Smith

C) Werner Arber D) Kary Mullis

11. In hybridoma technology:

A) B-cells are fused with T-cells

B) B- cells are fused with myeloma cells.

C) T- cells are fused with myeloma cells.

D) None of these

12. Match the following:

a. Parotid gland 1. Hepatic duct

b. Submandibular gland 2. Wharton duct

c. Sublingual gland 3. Stensen duct

d. Liver 4. Duct of Bartholin

A) a-3, b-2, c-4, d-1 B) a-4, b-3, c-1, d-2

C) a-2, b-3, c-1, d-4 D) a-3, b-2, c-1, d-4

13. Rabbit belongs to the order:

A) Lagomorpha B) Rodentia C) Hyracoidea D) Procavia

14. Which of the following is not an alien species in the water bodies of Kerala?

A) Arapaima gigas B) Attractosteus spatula

C) Cyprinus carpio D) Plotosus canius

15. Assertion (A): The use of chemical pesticides for controlling insect pests can lead

to the development of resistance in pest populations.

Reason(R): Exposure to sublethal doses of pesticides can select for

individuals with genetic traits that confer resistance.

A) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A

B) Both A and R are true, but R is not the correct explanation of A

C) A is true, but R is false

D) A is false, but R is true

16. The protein database which contains information about protein structures:

A) UniProtKB 


C) NCBI GenBank 

D) Pfam

17. cAMP was discovered by:

A) Funk 

B) E. W. Sutherland

C) Robert Brown 

D) Karl Lohmann

18. The physiological fuel value of protein is---- kcal/g.

A) 5.65 B) 4 C) 9.45 D) 4.45

19. Assertion (A): In bioinformatics, homology modeling is used to predict the threedimensional

structure of a protein.

Reason(R): Homology modeling relies on the assumption that proteins with

similar amino acid sequences have similar three-dimensional


A) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A

B) Both A and R are true, but R is not the correct explanation of A

C) A is true, but R is false

D) A is false, but R is true

20. In eukaryotes heterogenous nuclear RNA is transcribed by:

A) RNA polymerase I B) RNA polymerase II

C) RNA polymerase III D) None of these.

21. Assertion (A): Coelenterates posses very primitive nervous system

Reason(R): Neurons occur for first time in coelenterates.

A) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A

B) Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A

C) A is true and R is false

D) A is false and R is true

22. A male exhibit renewed sexual interest whenever a new female is introduced is

called ----- effect.

A) Whitten B) Vanderbergh C) Haldane D) Coolidge

23. Minamata disease is caused by ----- poisoning.

A) Cadmium B) Mercury C) Lead D) Fruits

24. Spodoptera mauritia is a pest of:

A) Paddy B) Stored grains

C) Coconut D) Sugar cane

25. The variant form of enzymes which differ structurally but not functionally and

encoded by different alleles of the same locus:

A) Alloenzyme B) Apoenzyme

C) Co-enzyme D) Prosthetic group

26. Which one of the following animal is a pseudocoelomate?

A) Taenia solium B) Fasciola hepatica

C) Ascaris lumbricoides D) Pheretima posthuma

27. Which following honey bee is known as rock bee?

A) Apis dorsata B) Apis indica

C) Apis mellifera D) Apis florae

28. When a single gene pool splits into several gene pool and leads to increasing

number of species, it is called:

A) Cladogenesis B) Anagenesis

C) Sibling species D) Cryptic species.

29. Organisms that can tolerate wide range of temperature:

A) Stenothermal B) Ectotherms

C) Endothermal D) Eurythermal

30. Environmental protection act was passed in:

A) 1988 B) 1986 C) 1984 D) 1977

31. Which one of the following egg membrane is acellular?

A) Zona pellucida B) Corona radiata

C) Theca interna D) Theca externA

32. Identify the wrongly matched pair:

A) Poison distribution - Variance is less than Mean

B) Binomial distribution - Mean is greater than variance

C) Normal distribution - Mean, median and mode are equal

D) Standard normal distribution - Mean zero and variance 1

33. The mean of absolute deviations from an average is called:

A) Range B) Standard deviation

C) Quartile deviation D) Mean deviation

34. Which one of the following is a deuterostome?

A) Sycon B) Asterias C) Limulus D) Ascaris

35. The principle which was not included in Darwin’s theory of evolution:

A) Struggle for existence B) Variation

C) Survival of the fittest D) Saltation

36. Assertion (A): Random mating is essential for maintaining Hardy-Weinberg


Reason (R): Random mating keeps the constant allelic frequency.

A) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A

B) Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A

C) A is true and R is false.

D) A is false and R is true.

37. Alpha diversity refers to

A) Overall diversity of a region

B) Diversity within a community

C) Geographical diversity

D) None of these

38. ACTH is secreted by:

A) Adrenal gland B) Thyroid gland

C) Pituitary gland D) Hypothalamus

39. The behavior of young ducks following their mother is:

A) Habituation B) Imprinting

C) Classical conditioning D) None of these

40. Biological species concept was given by:

A) Simpson B) Mayr

C) Charles Darwin D) Lamarck

41. The phenomenon by which a harmless species has evolved to imitate the

warning signals of a harmful species:

A) Batesian mimicry B) Mullerian mimicry

C) Aggressive mimicry D) None of these

42. Which of the following statements is true about linkage?

A) Linked genes are located on different chromosomes

B) Linked genes segregate independently during meiosis

C) Linked genes are always located close to each other on the same


D) Linkage results from crossing over between homologous chromosomes

43. When one gene masks or modifies the expression of a non-allelic gene, it is


A) Epistasis B) Pleiotropy

C) Incomplete dominance D) Co-dominance

44. Which of the following is an example of a single stranded DNA (ssDNA) virus?

A) Herpes simplex virus B) Influenza virus

C) Human papilloma virus D) Hepatitis-B virus.

45. What is diastema?

A) The space between incisors and canines

B) The space between incisors and premolars

C) A type of skin cancer

D) A type of heart condition.

46. Assertion (A): Meiosis is a type of cell division that results in the production of

haploid cells from diploid cells.

Reason(R): Meiosis involves two rounds of cell division, resulting in the

separation of homologous chromosomes during first division and

sister chromatids during second division.

A) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A

B) Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A

C) A is true and R is false.

D) A is false and R is true.

47. Which of the following is not a product of Krebs cycle?


C) FADH2 D) Acetyl- CoA

48. The temperate grass lands found in South America:

A) Steppes B) Prairie C) Pampas D) Ecotone

49. Biopiracy is:

A) The illegal hunting and poaching of endangered species.

B) The unauthorized use of biological resources or knowledge from

indigenous communities or countries.

C) The use of genetically modified organisms in agriculture

D) The theft of intellectual property from scientific research.

50. Which of the following best describes the theory of punctuated equilibrium?

A) Evolutionary change occurs gradually and continuously over long period of


B) Evolutionary change occurs rapidly in response to sudden environmental


C) Evolutionary change occurs in small, incremental steps over short periods

of time

D) Evolutionary change occurs through the inheritance of acquired traits

51. Which of the following is not a hominid species?

A) Australopithecus afarensis

B) Homo erectus

C) Paranthropus boisei

D) Pan troglodytes.

52. The term ecosystem was coined by:

A) A. G. Tansley B) Eugene Odum

C) Reymond Lindeman D) None of these

53. The vitamin required for blood clotting:

A) Vitamin A B) Vitamin C C) Vitamin K D) Vitamin B`12

54. How many pairs of somites are seen in 24 hour chick embryo?

A) 2 B) 4 C) 6 D) 8

55. ZW-ZZ type sex determination is found in:

A) Birds B) Moths

C) Grass hoppers D) Drosophila

56. Extinct mammal like reptiles are included in the subclass:

A) Synapsida B) Diapsida C) Parapsida D) Anapsida

57. Match the following:

a. Tidal volume 1. 4500ml

b. Inspiratory Reserve volume 2. 500ml

c. Vital capacity 3. 2500-3000ml

d. Residual volume 4. 1100-1200ml

A) a- 2, b-3,c-1,d-4 B) a- 1, b-3,c-2,d-4

C) a- 2, b-3,c-4,d-1 D) a-1, b-2, c-3, d-4

58. Find the median of the following data set {8, 9, 7, 3, 3, 6, 1}

A) 3 B) 6 C) 4.5 D) 5

59. The amino acids which are coded by a single codon:

A) Proline and methionine B) Tryptophan and methionine

C) Proline and serine D) Methionine and serine.

60. Horse belongs to the order:

A) Perissodacyla B) Artiodactyla

C) Cetacea D) Chiroptera

61. Which of the following belongs to the Order Rhynchocephalia?

A) Sphenodon B) Hemidactylus

C) Crocodillus D) Lycodon

62. Which of the following is not a secondary messenger?

A) cAMP B) Inositol triphosphate

C) Ca++ D) Na+

63. Polytene chromosome is found in:

A) Liver cells

B) Salivary gland of Drosophila

C) Primary oocyte of Amphibians

D) None of these

64. Germplasm theory was proposed by:

A) Charles Darwin B) Hugo de Vries

C) August Weismann D) R. A. Fisher

65. C- value paradox refers to:

A) Total RNA content

B) Total DNA content of haploid genome

C) Total DNA content of diploid genome

D) Sum of DNA and RNA content of a haploid cell

66. Which of the following is a pair of viral disease?

A) Common cold and Cholera

B) Common cold and AIDS

C) AIDS and Typhoid

D) Cholera and Typhoid

67. The permissible noise level for commercial zone in day time in India:

A) 75 dB B) 70 dB C) 100 dB D) 50 dB

68. The sexual reproduction of Plasmodium vivax occurs in:

A) Liver cells of man B) RBC of man

C) Intestine of mosquito D) Salivary gland of mosquito.

69. The frequency of a dominant allele in a Mendelian population is 0.6. Calculate

the frequency of heterozygous individuals in a population.

A) 0.48 B) 0.16 C) 0.24 D) 0.36

70. In a batch of 15 students 3 have failed. The marks of the successful candidates

were 76, 49, 52, 61, 44, 54, 89, 74, 55, 64, 59 and 57. Find the median marks

A) 55 B) 61 C) 54 D) 64

71. The national park where one horned rhino is found:

A) Jim Corbett National park

B) Gir national park

C) Kazinranga national park

D) Ranthambore national park.

72. Which of the following can undergo beta oxidation?

A) Monosaturated fattyacid B) Polysaturated fattyacid

C) Saturated fattyacid D) All of these

73. tRNA was discovered by:

A) Paul Zamecnik

B) George E Palade

C) Sydney Brenner and Francois Jacob

D) Jim Watson

74. Centrolecithal eggs are found in:

A) Rat B) Frog C) Amphioxus D) Drosophila

75. Polyspermy is found in:

A) Birds B) Cartilaginous fishes

C) Reptiles D) All of these.

76. What is the difference between bottleneck effect and founder effect?

A) The bottleneck effect is caused by a catastrophic event, while the founder

effect is caused by a group of individuals establishing a new population

B) The bottleneck effect leads to an increase in genetic diversity, while the

founder effect leads to a decrease in genetic diversity

C) The bottleneck effect leads to a decrease in genetic diversity, while the

founder effect leads to an increase in genetic diversity

D) The bottleneck effect and founder effect are the same thing

77. Which of the following statements is/are not true about Sphenodon ?

1. It is the only living member of the order Rhynchocephalia

2. It has a parietal eye

3. It is only found in New Zealand

4. It shows cosmopolitan distribution

A) 2 & 4 only B) 4 only

C) 1, 2, 3 and 4 D) 1, 2 and 3 only

78. Lateral ventricles are connected to third ventricle by:

A) Foramen of Monro B) Foramen of Magnum

C) Iter D) Central canal

79. Which of the following are sedimentary cycles?

1. Sulphur cycle 2. Phosphorus cycle

3. Nitrogen cycle 4. Carbon cycle

A) 1 only B) 1& 2 only C) 2 & 3 only D) 1, 2, 3 & 4

80. The international agreement which aims to protect the ozone layer by phasing out

the production and consumption of ozone-depleting substances:

A) Paris Agreement B) Kyoto protocol

C) Montreal protocol D) Rio declaration

81. The international organization which works to protect and restore the world’s


A) World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

B) International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

C) Ramsar Convention Secretariat

D) The Nature Conservancy

82. Which type of learning involves sudden problem solving without prior experience,

trial and error or explicit reinforcement?

A) Insight learning B) Cognitive learning

C) Latent learning D) Instrumental conditioning.

83. Match the following:

a. Euplectella 1. Portuguese man of war

b. Physalia 2. Venus flower basket

c. Meandrina 3. Sea anemone

d. Adamsia 4. Brain coral

A) a-4, b-2, c-3, d-1 B) a-2, b-1, c-4, d-3

C) a-2, b-4, c-3, d-1 D) a-1, b-2, c-4, d-3

84. The statistical tool used to compare the means of three or more independent


A) One-way ANOVA B) Student’s t- test

C) Chi-square test D) Regression analysis

85. Which of the following act as peptidyl transferase enzyme?

A) 23S rRNA in Prokaryotes B) 5.8S rRNA in Prokaryotes

C) 28S rRNA in Eukaryotes D) Both A and B

86. During meiosis, reduction in the chromosome number occurs during :

A) Anaphase I B) Telophase I C) Anaphase II D) Telophase II

87. The most commonly mutated tumor suppressor gene in human:

A) p53 B) BRCA2 C) APC D) BRCA1

88. Which of the following is an autosomal dominant disorder?

A) Cystic fibrosis B) Phenylketonuria

C) Sickle cell anaemia D) Myasthenia gravis

89. Which of the following acts as the best indicator of pollution in streams?

A) Nekton B) Benthos

C) Plankton D) Submerged plants

90. Assertion (A) : Pyramid of energy is always upright

Reason (R) : Energy is constantly lost as heat when it travels from one

tropic level to the next.

A) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A

B) Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A

C) A is true and R is false.

D) A is false and R is true.

91. Extinction of key stone species in a community will results in:

A) Decline in species diversity

B) Increased secondary productivity

C) Increased nutrient cyling

D) Decrease in primary productivity.

92. In SDS- PAGE , protein sample is treated with SDS for:

A) Denaturing protein

B) Making the protein negatively charged

C) Making protein positively charged

D) None of these.

93. ‘Carbonic anhydrase’ is present in:

A) Plasma B) RBC C) Platelets D) WBC

94. Mermaid’s purse is found in:

1. Ground shark 2. Skates 3. Chimaeras 4. Cybium

A) 1 & 4 only B) 2 & 4 only C) 1,2 & 3 only D) 1, 2, 3 & 4

95. Raw egg white contains a protein called avidin, which may block the

absorption of:

A) Biotin B) Ascorbic acid

C) Cynocobalamin D) Ergocalciferol

96. Cyanide is a non-competitive inhibitor of the enzyme:

A) Cytochrome C oxidase B) Hexokinase

C) Topoisomerase D) Isocitrate dehyrogenase.

97. Human placenta belongs to:

1. Epitheliochorial 2. Haemochorial

3. Metadiscoidal 4. Syndesmochorial

A) 1 & 2 only B) 2 & 3 only C) 1,2 & 3 only D) 4 only

98. The pore in gastrula is known as:

A) Blastopore B) Gastropore

C) Gonopore D) None of these

99. Which of the following disorder is caused due to chromosomal aberration?

1. Congenital night blindness 2. Cri-du-chat syndrome

3. CML 4. Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy

A) 1 & 2 only B) 2 & 3 only C) 2 & 4 only D) 3 only

100. The phase of meiosis in which homologous chromosomes exchange genetic


A) Prophase I B) Metaphase I C) Anaphase I D) Prophase II

101. Protein rich regions of chromosome can be highlighted by:

A) C-banding B) G- banding C) Q- banding D) R-banding

102. Extinction of dinosaurs was during ----- period.

A) Cretaceous B) Triassic C) Jurassic D) Permian

103. A plant is heterozygous for albinism which is a recessive character. This plant

is self crossed and 300 seeds were obtained. How many of them would be

homozygous for the dominant character green?

A) 75 B) 150 C) 100 D) 80

104. The codon known as ‘Opal’:


105. The prosthetic group of NADH dehydrogenase:


106. An essential fatty acid:

A) Linolenic acid B) Linoleic acid

C) Palmitic acid D) Both A and B

107. Cyclomorphosis is exhibited by:

A) Daphnia B) Paramecium C) Planaria D) None of these

108. Radula is seen in:

A) Mollusca B) Arthropoda C) Annelida D) None of these

109. Alpha oxidation of fattyacid mainly occurs in:

A) Adipose in skin B) Liver

C) Muscle tissue D) Brain

110. Neurogenic heart is found in:

A) Mollusc B) Crustaceans C) Rodents D) Both A and B

111. Which part of the brain translates thought into speech?

A) Broca’s area B) Amygdala

C) Hippocampus D) Brain stem

112. Antibodies are:

A) Glycoproteins B) Steroids

C) Lipoproteins D) None of these

113. An evolutionary change of a single lineage where one taxon is replaced by another

without ranching:

A) Anagenesis B) Cladogenesis

C) Allopatric speciation D) Clade

114. Which of the following is an omega-3 fatty acid?

A) Arachidonic acid B) Palmitic acid

C) Lecithin D) Eicosapentaenoic acid

115. Which lipoprotein is responsible for transporting dietary lipids from the intestine

to liver cells?


C) VLDL D) Chylomicorns

116. Which of the following is most commonly used in molecular systematic?

A) Mitochondrial DNA B) Nuclear DNA

C) Chloroplast DNA D) Ribosomal DNA

117. Allozyme polymorphism is most useful for studying:

A) Proteins with a high degree of sequence divergence

B) Proteins that are highly expressed

C) Highly conserved proteins

D) Proteins with low molecular weight.

118. In DNA barcoding, the term “cryptic species” refers to species that -----.

A) Are only found in very specific geographic locations

B) Have been recently discovered

C) Have not yet been classified by taxonomists

D) Are difficult to identify based on their morphological characters.

119. Purse seine nets are typically used to catch:

A) Shellfish

B) Bottom-dwelling fish

C) Tuna and other pelagic fish

D) Squids and other Cephalopods.

120. Which of the following BLAST programs is used to compare a nucleotide query

sequence to a protein database?


Answer Key 

SET Zoology Question Paper Answer Key

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