Edexcel A Level Biology Questions and Answers - General and Practical Principles in Biology

 1.The human brain controls many functions.

 The diagram shows a section through a human brain with parts labelled A to E

(a) Which letter labels the part of the brain that controls heart rate?

2.  Antibiotics can affect bacteria. The table describes the mode of action of four antibiotics. 

   Antibiotic & Mode of action 

  • benzylpenicillin - disrupts peptidoglycan structure 
  • streptomycin binds to 70S ribosomes
  • ciprofloxacin  - inhibits enzymes involved in prokaryotic DNA replication
  • rifamycin -  inhibits prokaryotic RNA polymerase

(i) Name the antibiotic that affects Gram-positive bacteria only.---

(ii) Give one reason why these antibiotics will not affect human cells.


1. E (Human Brain Structure and function)

2.  i) benzylpenicillin

ii) human cells are (eukaryotic / lack cell wall/lack peptidoglycan) . human cells have different {ribosomes / enzymes}

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