Class 11 Biology - Short Answer Questions on Plant Kingdom

1. Name the alga which is used in laboratory culture media
Ans: Agar obtained from the algae Gelidium
2. Name the largest kelp
Ans: Macrocystis
3. Name the plant where the sporophyte is completely dependent on gametophyte?
Ans: Pinus
4. Name the pond scum
Ans: Spirogyra maxima
5. Name the major plant divisions in which archegonia are found.
Ans: Liverworts, Mosses and Pteridophytes
6. A terrestrial algae
Ans: Fritchiella
7. The endosperm of Angiosperm is
Ans: Triploid
8. Give an example of Living Fossil
Ans: Ginko
9. ‘Devils apron’ is the common name of
Ans: Laminaria
10. Ancestors of land plants are
Ans: Green algae
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