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MCQ on Human Health and Disease

1. The causative of whooping cough is
a) Corneybacterium
b) Trypanosoma
c) Salmonella
d) Bacillus pertussis
2. The causative agent of Malaria is:
a) Plasmodium
b) Trypanosoma
c) Leishmania
d) Bacillus
3. Tapeworm infection usually comes under
a) Droplet infection
b) Vector
c) Measly pork
d) Contaminated water
4. Accumulation of uric acid crystals in the synovial joints results the disease
a) Rheumatism
b) Gout
c) Osteoporosis
d) Osteoarthritis
5. The spread of cancerous cells to distant sites (secondary malignant growth) is called
a) metagenesis
b) metamorphogenesis
c) Metastasis
d) Thermostasis
6. Aflatoxin induces cancer in
a) Lung
b) Liver
c) Kidney
d) Herat
7. Hemolytic Anemia disease caused by
b) Leprosy
c) ABO incompatibility
d) Liver cirrhosis

8. Which is called Trisosomy 21?
down syndrome karyotype
a) Tay Saach’s disease
b) Turner’s syndrome
c) Edward’s syndrome
d) Down’s syndrome
9. Mood altering drugs are also called
a) Sedative
b) Narcotics
c) Hallucinogens
d) Psycho tropic drugs
10. Cannabis sativa is
a) stimulant
b) Narcotics
c) Stimulant
d) Hallucinogens
Learn more:
1. d) Bacillus pertussis
2. a) Plasmodium
3. c) Measly pork
4. b) Gout
5. c) Metastasis
6. b) Liver
7. c) ABO incompatibility
8. d) Down’s syndrome
9. d) Psycho tropic drugs
10. d) Hallucinogens


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