CBSE Class 12 - Previous Years Examination Questions - Reproduction in Organisms

Very Short Answer Type Questions (1 Mark)
1. Banana is a true fruit and also a parthenocarpic fruit. Justify.(2008)
2. Pick out the ancencestral line of Angiosperm from the list given below:
   Conifers, Seed ferns, cycads, ferns
3. What is the major difference you observe in the offsprings produced by asexual reproduction and in the progeny produced by sexual reproduction? (2008)
4. The turkey usually produces females for several generations. How is this possible?(2009)
class 12 biology
5. In the whiptail lizards only females are born generation after generation. There are no males. How is this possible?
6. Name the part of flower that contributes to fruit formation in Strawberry and guava respectively(2009)
7. Mention the site where syngamy occurs in amphibians and reptiles respectively. (2010)
8. Name an organism, where cell division is itself a mode of reproduction.(2010)
9. Mention a characteristic feature and a function of zoospores in some algae.(2010)
10. Offsprings produced by asexual reproduction are called clones. Justify giving two reasons. (2010)
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11. How does Pencillium reproduce asexually?(2011)
12. Name the type of cell division that take place in the zygote of an organism exhibiting haplontic life cycle.(2011)
13. Name the phenomenon and one bird, where the female gamete directly develops into a new organism. (2013)
14. Name the alga that reproduces asexually through zoospores. Why are these reproductive units so called?(2013)
15. Name an organism, where cell division in itself is a mode of reproduction. (2013)

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